São Paulo-City-Center

  • Beer
  • Great food
2 / 5

May 11, 2018

A fun and funky no-frills bar, restaurant, and cachaca house in Sao Paulo, Barnabé is the place to go in the city for the flavors of Northeastern Brazil.

A colorful cafe and cachaca house in the heart of bigger-than-life Sao Paulo, Barnabé offers an authentic taste of both the tradition and culture of Northeast Brazil.
First-time visitors can sometimes be surprised at the extraordinarily high level of dedication Barnabé has to keeping the traditions and way of life of Northeastern Brazil alive. Yes, everything they do, from the hearty family-friendly food and decor featuring folksy figurines to the stocking of traditional spirits are done with an eye to this region and its unique heritage, and we love every last bit of it. From the moment you stroll past the exterior splashed bright yellow and grab a seat besides the rough wooden beams and well-worn shelves of cachaca, you are welcomed as a long lost relative by the gregarious and courteous staff. While they may be fairly new to the city’s dining scene, the team behind Barnabé has been specializing in this fantastic frontier fare for over 30 years, and you can taste it in every dish, with rarely anything but an empty plate returning to the kitchen. As our name suggests though, we’re all about the bar here, and as rustic as the space may be, they still know how to crank out fine cocktails like caipirinhas and pour ice cold Brazilian beer, and we can’t think of a better place in the capital to while away an afternoon.