Clube Come Together

Clube Come Together

São Roque-City Centre

  • Beer
  • Rooftop
2 / 5

May 11, 2018

A beachside bar and nightclub in Playa del Carmen, Diablito Cha Cha Cha may have a devilish name, but most people find it to be the utmost of heavenly.

Hidden away in the basement of a historic mansion in the heart of São Roque, you will find Clube Come Together, a place for locals and visitors alike to gather, enjoy cocktails and beer, and listen to some of the best live music in this region of Brazil. The magic of Clube Come Together starts for us with the aforementioned subterranean location, as just strolling inside feels like finding a hidden cellar of fun. Arches made of stone, light brick walls, lantern-like lighting fixtures, and wooden barrels bring a cavernous feel to things which is warmly contrasted by colorful artwork and iconic rock posters (think Beatles and Pink Floyd). It’s the drinks that you’ve likely come for though, and Clube Come Together has brought together the finest collection in town, with a few of our favorites being their take on the mojito, the cuba libre, and the cosmopolitan. There’s also a short-but-sweet wine list and plenty of bottles and taps to keep the beer fans happy. The basement location truly provides for some amazing acoustics, and as a result, Clube Come Together quickly established itself as one of the best stops on the local live gig circuit, and even if there isn’t a show on when you drop in, there’s bound be plenty of fun sounds bouncing off the walls.