Gasthaus 1470

Gasthaus 1470


2 / 5

May 11, 2018

Set in a historic building in Zwickau, Germany, Gasthaus 1470 is home to a charming combination of romantic dining and delicious cocktail imbibing.

At the foot of the rolling Ore Mountains lies Zwickau, and inside the quaint center of town, you will find Gasthaus 1470 serving up a line of cuisine and cocktails that make the trip to this eastern corner of Germany well worth it.
Before you have the opportunity to be bowled over by the food and drink on offer at Gasthaus 1470, the venue will no doubt impresses you with its general aesthetic. A slanted tile rooftop crowns the exterior of the historic pastel building (it just happens to be the oldest residence in Zwickau), while the atmosphere within is positively regal. Yes, inside, you’ll find chunky wood beams brilliantly contrasted by bold red paint, dimly lit candles, and a set of gilded portraits that look like they’ve come straight from the local schloss.
Food is a fun and fresh affair here, with the chefs constantly breathing new life into the menu by way of bushels of seasonal ingredients, and we can’t think of a better atmosphere anywhere in the region for a romantic dinner – especially when you pair the fare with their stellar wine list. We’re mostly thrilled to report though that the mixology game here is strong, as premium spirits are used for every cocktail, with an emphasis on excellent gin and tonics (they often have around 40 different gins and a dozen tonic varieties available). The cocktail card is lengthy, but even if your favorite tipple isn’t on the menu, don’t sweat it for a second, as the staff at Gasthaus 1470 is renowned for their encyclopedic cocktail knowledge.