Bait Shop


Bait Shop


4.5 / 5 1 / 5

May 11, 2018

Linda Derschang's fifth Seattle bar after King's Hardware, Smith, Linda's Tavern, Oddfellows - Bait Shop, has a 1970s feel...

Linda Derschang’s fifth Seattle bar after King’s Hardware, Smith, Linda’s Tavern, Oddfellows – Bait Shop, has a 1970s feel. Its abundance of pine-panelling and kitsch nautical wall art make it look a bit like a funky retro basement space, one belonging to your parents perhaps. Big black, faux -leather booths line the walls and an illuminated Brotherly Love sign hangs over the room. The drink menu boasts a delicious Margarita that comes care of a frozen drink machine as well as on-trend ‘cocktails on tap’ like the Porteño, a potent blend of bourbon, fernet, lime juice, falernum, and cherry brandy. There’s a smattering of tiki drinks including a pretty lethal Zombie – served in appropriately garish glassware and, this being a Derschang bar, there’s a real emphasis on beer, a good selection of local and international brews available both in cans and on tap. Bar food is designed to accompany the drinks, rather than to shine in its own right, though the ingredients are well-sourced. The menu includes fried chicken sandwiches, fried mushrooms, triple-fried French fries (there’s a lot of fried things, essentially), fish-and-chips, and some truly epic pork rinds. 1970s and 80s rock is fittingly – the music of choice and the crowd is pleasingly eclectic.