4.5 / 5 3 / 5

May 11, 2018

Canon in Seattle is a whisky and bitters emporium! The handsome bar is stocked with a vast array of spirits creating complex and delicious cocktails.

This self-styled Seattle ‘whiskey and bitters emporium’ was the source of a considerable amount of hype when it opened, but it was nearly all deserved. This place is great: a real shrine to the bartender’s art. It helps that the room is a handsome one; behind an unremarkable frontage you’ll find a bar heaving with bottles and dotted with antique furniture and vintage gramophones. They stock a vast array of whiskies, but also an impressive range of other liqueurs and spirits. The cocktails are grown up and complex affairs, served in attractive antique glassware. Try the Fighattan, a winning mix of bourbon, cocchi torino, taverna, fig and boker’s bitters garnished with a cherry. The Silky Martini, meanwhile, is a theatrical twist on a classic, made with gin, colin blanc, orange bitters, and liquid nitrogen: the drink arrives in a cloud of ice cold smoke. There are a number of barrel-aged options available including an aged Old Fashioned served in a mini whisky bottle – and a range of seriously tasty bar snacks: you have to try their pork belly buns. The roasted Brussels are also something of a must-try and they do an impeccable steak tartare. Fans of the Negroni will definitely want to experience their Negroni flight, three mini-variations on the classic aperitif made with gin, rum, and rye respectively.