Metropolitan Grill

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Metropolitan Grill


3 / 5

May 11, 2018

Rated one of the Top Ten in the States, the Metropolitan Grill is a favourite in Seattle. This upscale space serves great steak and cocktails.

New York-style steakhouse rated one of the Top Ten in the States and known simply as, The Met in Seattle. It’s upscale and Establishment a refined downtown haven perfect for high-powered business lunches: don’t be surprised to see Bill Gates and Paul Allen talking hi-tech in a back-wall booth. Décor is patrician and plush, with high-backed booths, brass railings and black-and-white tiled floors and the service is as impeccable as the steaks are juicy. Uniformed staff in bow-ties bring you food and drink to your tables and once again we recommend a vodka martini (largest selection of premium vodka and gin in Seattle!) with an olive to go with your T-Bone.