Yard House


Yard House


2 / 5

May 11, 2018

Yard House has 130 beer taps for you to choose from and have a glass enclosed keg room! Cocktails are also available. A must visit in Seattle.

The first Seattle location of the national sports bar chain, Yard House, occupies a space that formerly housed a branch of Border. Where once there were books now there are beer taps, some 130 in all, offering a wide selection of beers ranging from classic lagers to more obscure ales, which are all available in half-yard or traditional pint measures. They also offer a six-pack of sample size servings if you fancy tasting a range of beers. Check out the glass-enclosed keg room, the heart of the operation.The Chalkboard Beer Series highlights five limited-release craft beers on tap and five bottled beers. The venue is dominated by a central oval bar atop which sit numerous television screens for game-watching and such like. While they serve cocktails too, these err on the sweet side. The Ruby Red blends grapefruit vodka and Cointreau with pomegranate and ruby red grapefruit juice, while the Black Orchid is a vivid, purple mix of raspberry vodka and blue curacao. You’re probably better sticking to the beer. The food menu is huge, covering just about every cooking style imaginable: tacos, salads, burgers, pizza, steak and ribs. The atmosphere is loud but usually not rowdy, and this place works just as well as a family destination as a place to hang out with your friends.