Woo Bar


4.3 / 5 4 / 5

May 11, 2018

We wouldn't normally recommend you schlep all the way out to a suburb to visit a chain hotel bar.

We wouldn’t normally recommend you schlep all the way out to a suburb to visit a chain hotel bar – although, like other WooBars across Asia, WooBar at the W Seoul Walkerhill offers plenty of opportunity to (how can we put this?!) make new friends. Still, with a world-class view and great bartending too, it’s worth fronting up the cabfare to this sexy lobby bar. WooBar isn’t short on theatre, and its high-in-the-hills location offers dazzling vistas over the megacity of Seoul through soaring plate-glass windows topped off with retro-futurist design that feels like an outtake from 2001: A Space Odyssey. Expect slick egg chairs, curvaceous armchairs, seductive sofas and an impressive 18-metre bar that’s still Korea’s longest. The stepped layout is textbook for perfecting your catwalk stare as you sashay towards the dramatic night sky. Refreshingly in this whisky-sodden city, the drinks list majors on vodka and wine, with around 40 choices of vodka, a couple of hundred vintages, and, of course, an array of crowd-pleasing cocktails, like their vanilla-infused take on the Espresso Martini. In fact, despite its distance from town, WooBar remains a hangout for Korea’s beautiful people, from models and wannabes to K-pop stars (and wannabes): the bartenders here have been known to collaborate with designers to produce slick, unique drinks. On Saturday nights the scene kicks off, with a carefully curated selection of international DJs laying down the law to an enthusiastic crowd. Remember you are here to see and be seen, so dress to impress.