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HU Bar


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May 11, 2018

Paying homage to Shanghai's history through the eyes of socialite Madame Hu, HU Bar impresses with three floors of superb cocktails and stunning views.

A sprawling three-level space atop the lavish Le Meridien Hotel in Shanghai, HU Bar blends the best of old Shanghai with the modern metropolis to create a chic bar and lounge like nothing else in the contemporary city.   The bustling city’s most anticipated opening in years, HU Bar & Lounge was inspired by Madame Hu, a longtime Shanghai resident, whose own glamorous life and family exemplify the best of the old and new city. 
Divided over three floors of the hotel, HU Bar includes a Parisian penthouse-inspired special event space on the 64th floor, a vintage cocktail bar on the 65th floor, and a modern nightclub on the 66th floor, with each level featuring spellbinding views of the sparkling Shanghai skyline. 
The two cocktail dens at HU Bar are as different as day and night, offering the definition of a well-rounded nightlife experience. 
The 65th floor specializes in classic comfort, with a focus on the best international wine, whiskies, and cocktails from another age. This space is all about the nostalgia of Shanghai in the 1930s, and don’t be surprised if there’s a live jazz performance on when you drop by. The top floor features modern edginess, and is inspired by Madame Hu’s wild granddaughter, featuring menus overflowing with champagne and the latest modern cocktails. This level is all about living in the moment, and  DJs here spin the best international tracks, filling up an LED-illuminated dance floor with current trendsetters until the wee hours.
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