Logan’s Punch


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May 11, 2018

An irreverent and opinionated punch bar in Shanghai, Logan's Punch is filling bowls with spirits and offering guests a night they won't soon forget.

Logan’s Punch has a message for bars they deem to be pretentious and in the habit of taking themselves too seriously: they are not impressed with you or your homemade bitters. They also have some choice words for bartenders who sport a certain over-the-lip follicle fashion and the inventor of the cosmopolitan cocktail, but they’re not quite fit to print here. Announcing loudly and proudly that they are not a ‘speak easy’, but a ‘speak loudly’, Logan’s Punch is Shanghai’s only punch bar, and well, we certainly can’t knock them for being shy. 

We wouldn’t dream of picking sides in the bar battle that Logan’s Punch seems intent on starting, but we will say that they bring something unique to the table, and that’s always a good thing. Punch is the name of the game here, and they dole out sharing buckets spiked with spirits that are guaranteed to take a night to the next level. A couple that caught our eye were the Punch Drunk Love (gin, Italian aperitif, fresh-sliced orange, grapefruit, lemon, soda water and dehydrated fruit) and the Hot Apple Punch (classic bourbon whiskey, honey-flavored bourbon, apple juice, cinnamon, and cloves). They do also make ‘cocktails for one’, and they bring their signature sense of humor to the ingredients, best shown off in a concoction named after the embattled former mayor of Toronto Rob Ford consisting of a Bolivian coca leaf-infused spirit, egg white, lime juice and bitters.