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May 11, 2018

Formerly known as La Buvette, this fun, popular spot has been revamped as a Latin-themed cocktail bar called Revolucion by the team behind Urban Bar.

Drawing inspiration from from the down-to-earth cocktail bars of Havana, Revolucion brings the sunny flavors of the Caribbean to Shanghai’s ever popular nightlife street Yongkang Lu, with budget-friendly prices to please the masses. Formed by a well-known French team of mixology masters, the bar started life as La Buvette, but quickly re-branded to Revolucion, introducing the Revolucion Cocktail as their signature drink shortly thereafter. It is a refreshing blend of rum, rosemary, passion fruit and apple juice, that sets the tone for this bar which manages to pull off what so many other cocktail and mixology meccas in Shanghai miss out on: fun. Palms sway at Revolucion, bright and bold color accents line the walls and and a portrait of Che Guevara looks down upon it all, transporting you thousands of miles away from China. Revolucion’s cocktail card is almost entirely made of the type of tipples that would have made Ernest Hemingway proud – think many different styles of mojitos and daiquiris – alongside tropical twists on standard mixes like the Tom Collins. Flamboyant flair displays by the bartenders at Revolucion are commonplace and if you had any questions about the bar’s appeal, they have since opened several locations of the brand around China and Thailand.