Speak Low

Speak Low


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May 11, 2018

Speak Low is a exciting secrete bar behind an ordinary shop in Fuxing Lu- Shanghai.

Speak low is an exciting and secretive bar on the bustling streets of Fuxing Lu. From the outside this deceiving bar is just a bartenders tools shop, named OCHO Bar tools, however once you know their secret, your world is opened up to Speak Low. We will give you the ‘low’ down on how to enter Speak Low (if you promise to keep it hush-hush!) Inside OCHO you might find yourself browsing the names of many tools you may think are irrelevant, however when you come to a bookshelf filled with mixology books you’ve hit the jackpot. Slide open the bookshelf and enter into the dark tunnel and then up a flight of stairs onto the New York style classy bar, Speak Low. Take a seat and order their original cocktail ‘wan lao ji tea’. But remember, the journey doesn’t end here! If you jump back onto the staircase and head up again, you will arrive at a dead end with a map of the world. Again, tell no one but locate shanghai and press it in. The wall will open and you can step inside the ‘no standing’ bar that is before you. Make sure you order the corpse reviver cocktail on this level! Now you might find that the higher you go the prices do too… The third floor is marked as ‘employees only’ but members get to sneak on up into their fine whiskey bar. We can’t recommend Speak Low enough! Its cool, hip and after all, who doesn’t love a secret puzzle bar!