Late Night Drinking

Showroom Bar


1 / 5

May 11, 2018

Showroom in Sheffield is a cool space overlooking the railway track. Dj's play the latest and unheard tracks while you sip an excellent cocktail.

Urban grit doesn’t come cooler than this funky space next to an art-house cinema and overlooking a railway track. You half expect Sheffield’s version of Steve Buscemi to walk through the door. What might have been a dingy beer-stained pub is actually a funky restaurant-bar serving modern English grub while DJs spin the latest in unheard of dance tracks. Predictably it’s popular with artist and film types who like the urban feel of it all but still enjoy a café latte after they’ve finished their dinner. Excellent cocktails, bottled beers and many northern beauties in hip English street wear complete the Show.