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Feb 20, 2020

Inspired by air travel’s glamorous golden age, Idlewild is Singapore’s ultimate retro-luxe cocktail destination.

Set inside the InterContinental Singapore, Idlewild is an immersive, nostalgia-tinted experience that transports us to a bygone era where air travel was the quintessence of luxury. Named after John F. Kennedy Airport’s original name, the mid-century modern hotel bar by award-winning bartender Andy Griffiths explores the globe through exceptionally great cocktails inspired by different destinations.

The luxurious interior conveys a sense of old school glamour, setting the perfect stage for a classy date night. Avoiding any overt nods to airplanes or airports, Idlewild prefers to communicate on the travel theme through the old-world flair of its design – an overall lavish atmosphere with subtle touches like the many vintage decorative objects collected from Europe, Asia and the Americas. The dimly lit Main Room is decked in mahogany and brass, with plush booth seats, mother-of-pearl tabletops, gilded cabinets and graceful chandeliers. In its back section, thick velvet curtains conceal a discreet VIP entrance. A four-piece live music band adds to the luscious ambience with its jazz tunes, setting the mood for the cocktail experience ahead. The bar is stocked with over 250 craft spirits and liqueurs, skillfully assembled to create well thought-out drinks that transport us to different corners of the world.

Drawing inspiration from global drinking cultures, Idlewild’s team has crafted a cocktail menu that’s styled like a passport, listing 20 cocktails built around 10 cities – Dublin, Rome, Lima, Lisbon, New York, Casablanca, London, Paris, Mexico City and Havana. Each city is represented by two cocktails, as well as a carefully prepared signature bar snack.

For deep, complexly layered flavors, try Cuba’s Passage to Havana, a based on a house blend of rums layered with tobacco tincture mixed with Amontillado and Pedro Ximenez sherries, Foro Amaro, and coffee Angostura bitters. It comes served with an on-theme dark chocolate “cigar”, its rich aroma perfectly complementing the drink. Another house signature to try is the Dry Hopped Chocolate Zombie, with Havana Club 7, Citra hops-infused Havana Club, Overproof rum, grapefruit and cinnamon Falernum, chocolate liqueur, house grenadine, fresh lime, Angostura bitters, aromatic bitters, and Pernod. On the other side of the Atlantic, we recommend The French Cook, that takes us back to bohemian 19th century Paris: gin, bouquet garni cordial, fresh lemon, sparkling Chardonnay, carbonated Chartreuse Genepi, and a splash of absinthe, topped with a wormwood jelly on an absinthe spoon.