• Whisky
  • Japanese
  • Great food
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May 11, 2018

Fort by Maison Ikkoku in Singapore is a brilliant restaurant/bar with delicious menus and speciality cocktails.

Fort restaurant and bar by Maison Ikkoku is a literal fortress of bare walls and dark moody lighting. The Japanese style bar is a 30-seater cave of delicious food and signature cocktails.

Nowhere else in Singapore is it possible to get a bespoke 12-course dinner for under $70. Their brand new Omakase menu is specially designed of lavish flavours, including a fresh cocktail per course designed by their in-house mixologists! For desert their lavender crème brulee is a must! If you aren’t up for a full 12 course meal, then there is a sushi bar inside, where you can order your favourites, such as fresh Irish Lobster or you can choose from an a-la-cart menu where they dish up mains like fresh oysters with sea salt rice.

Once you are comfortable in your seat, take a look around where you can admire the crimson curtains draping in front of their bar, copper pipes along the walls and some classic Edison filament bulbs! Order the ‘antibiotic’ cocktail which is whiskey sours contained in a jar with some oak chip smoke or go for the ‘sweet’ cocktail that contains blackberry, Yuzu and vodka!  Outside there is a quaint garden terrace in which you can enjoy your cool cocktail while admiring your surroundings.

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