Maison Ikkoku
    City-Center, Singapore

    About Maison Ikkoku

    5478 8830

    Maison Ikkuko is a hip boutique-slash-café which is topped by a simply divine cocktail bar. The place has a laid-back atmosphere and an elegant design. There’s some beauty to the way this place combines smart, contemporary décor with a mellow vibe and top notch cocktails. That’s a package with which it’s hard to argue. The drinks are made from fresh ingredients combined in inventive ways and the presentation is attractive. Top mixologist Ethan Leslie Leong is on hand to oversee the drinks and his bar is well stocked with liquid treats. The menu mixes classic drinks and new creations. This is also one of the better spots to grab a coffee in the city – their baristas are really on the ball – and they also serve a tasty menu of tapas style dishes. In essence, there’s something here for everyone.

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