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Operation Dagger
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May 11, 2018

Operation Dagger is a secret Singapore bar that’s so hidden there’s no name on the door. That’s just the beginning; even the bottles of hooch have no labels so don’t come here with preconceptions of the flavours you may like. But do wear a cloak.

First up we’re going to give the game away and blow the secret location.  Operation Dagger is in the Anne Siang district, at 7 Ann Siang Hill, #B1-01, 69791, Singapore. Don’t tell anyone.

Go through the plain glass entrance door and down the dimly lit staircase. Once inside it’s a different story. Bare concrete walls surround clean, sleek furniture and an art installation of a cloud made up of thousands of overlapping light bulbs lights up the atmosphere like a ghostly spectre. There’s usually room to sit down, even though it’s filled with crowds of hip locals and trendy visitors, seeking out this speakeasy addition to the famously vibrant Singapore nightlife scene.

On a stack of shelves behind the bar, apothecary-style bottles are hand-labelled with codes known only to the bartenders, identifying the spirit that has been redistilled and infused with different and unusual results. Here it’s all about the sensory experience, to the extent that the menu doesn’t tell you the type of alcohol in the drinks, only the other ingredients, for a tasting experience that’s free from expectations.



Some of the cutting-edge original brews on offer include caramello koala named after the founder’s favourite Australian chocolate bar, with cacao and eucalyptus, and a strange but delicious caramel-filled olive at the bottom. Or there’s oyster ice cream made with Fino sherry and house distilled matcha, Fino sherry, oyster leaf, citrus cream and matcha sherbet. It makes a pretty, light and frothy drink.

The bar snacks menu is small, but moreishly good, with the absolute must-try being the gorgeously rich and buttery yesterday’s mashed potatoes with crispy kale, Parmesan and truffle. Altogether it’s not a budget night out, Operation Dagger is way too good to miss now that you’re in on the secret.