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Wala Wala Cafe Bar


4.3 / 5 2 / 5

May 11, 2018

Set in Holland Village, Wala-Wala Cafe Bar is drawing a not unsophisticated crowd of rich locals and ex-pats in Singapore. Read World's Best Bar review now.

Set in Holland Village, a well-to-do part of Singapore which reminds one of Cheltenham, Wala-Wala has been drawing a not unsophisticated crowd of rich locals and ex-pats for some twenty years.
They come to kick back in a lively downstairs bar proffering beers on tap, wine, dozens of Singapore Slings and good deal of bonhomie. Other concoctions which get out vote include the slightly girly Frozen Maragarita and a mighty fine Cosmo.
After a pit-stop here, everybody heads upstairs for a spot of live music. Much spirited tail-shaking ensues.
Sartorially speaking, be warned: it’s not the smartest place we’ve seen nor the easiest on the eye. Regulars are apt to dress down and are more concerned with getting the drinks in than with posing, which is fine by us, though scruffs need not apply.
As always, it is the terrace which most draws our approving eye, for it is here that you can take your drink on a balmy summer night and soak up the atmosphere under the stars.
The bill of fare looks westwards, and features the usual cast of pizza, chicken wings and the like. If the fun spills out onto the pavement- which it often does-don’t forget your World’s Best Bars Spotters’ Guide and indulge in the gentle art of people watching.

Loud, rambunctious, and utterly devoid of pretension, Wala Wala is an excellent corrective to the delusions of grandeur of other establishments. Oh, before we forget there is no need to get there too early either. Happy Hours lasts from opening time until nine o’clock. Huzzah!

Main photos credits: Wala Wala Facebook page