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Feb 21, 2019

Singapore’s love affair with Japanese-inspired cocktail bars runs through D.Bespoke, a Japanese with European undertones style bar that provides a masterful cocktail experience.

With seating for just 28 patrons, bartender and owner Daiki Kanetaka has purposefully created an exclusive ambience in D.Bespoke, a speakeasy style bar hidden away in a corner of Chinatown. This bar cannot be missed by cocktail lovers visiting Singapore. The 14 spaces at the bar ensures that those lucky punters will have ring(bar)-side seats at the performance, and it is most definitely a performance. The atmosphere is refined, maybe a little formal, but most importantly it manages to remain relaxed enough to laugh raucously without drawing disapproving glares.

D.Bespoke is secreted in Chinatown, behind an unassuming shopfront disguised as an old school tailor’s shop, yet through another room there is a secret entrance into the bar itself. The whole place is decked out in beautiful wood; the bar, the shelves and cupboards, and even the ceiling. This shophouse front style venue has plump leather clad seats at the bar and the chesterfield sofas to cosy up on. Spirits are lined up on the bars in single file, and there is a real sense of order here. Despite the minimal floorspace and the minimalist wall décor, perhaps as a result of the beautiful wood finish, the bar doesn’t feel hemmed in.



As you may imagine from the bar’s name, there is no drinks menu at D.Bespoke, you simply inform the server of your drink preferences and a tailor-made cocktail creation is crafted before your eyes, from scratch, by none other than Mr Kanetaka himself. All eyes are on him as he pours, stirs, shakes and concocts.

The only danger with this bar is that it may spoil all of the others for you.



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