Nutmeg and Clove

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Nutmeg and Clove
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May 11, 2018

Nutmeg and Clove, located on Ann Siang Hill in Singapore is a serious cocktail bar, with heavy Japanese ginza influences, where delightful drinks are produced with absolute dedication.

This stylish bar is situated in a building that was formerly a traditional Chinese medical practice. Whilst an air or seriousness remains, the therapy now on offer is slightly different. Drawing a crowd of tourists, locals, and an abundance of hipsters, this speakeasy style bar is calm and chilled out, and very laid back despite the formal decor. You don’t have to dress up to visit Nutmeg and Clove, but you may want to.

In the main bar area, the dark walls are adorned with numerous and varied pieces of artwork, and together with the furniture and oddments, it all reflects various aspects of Singapore’s history. One wall is covered with gunny sacks and posters from the 1960s, another is full of old wooden medicine cabinets. Only now the “tonics” are quality brands of spirits and vintage wines. This classy finish is reflected in the way in which the drinks are served – with quirky touches such as chinaware vessels for certain cocktails.



If you visit just for a drink, be prepared, as the magnificent drinks menu is a bit of a tome. It is based on William Farquhar’s collection of natural history drawings from the 19th century. In the drink’s menu, there are 12 classic cocktails, and 12 modern concoctions, all presented with style. The gloriously named hanky panky is a tequila-based drink full of floral tones and allegedly with aphrodisiacal properties – interesting and tasty. The food choices here are limited with classics such as burgers, chicken wings and nachos are on offer.

Nutmeg and Clove combine’s Singapore’s varied history with divine beverage offerings and it does it in style.