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Junior The Pocket Bar
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Jan 26, 2021

Known for being one of the most intimate and interesting watering holes in town, Junior The Pocket Bar just moved…

Known for being one of the most intimate and interesting watering holes in town, Junior The Pocket Bar just moved from a 10 seat location to a larger 25-seater located in the hip Ann Siang Hill area, to the delight of every cocktail lover in town.


Tucked away behind Maxi Coffee Bar and accessible through a side door, this hidden bar has an ever-changing concept and menu that rotates every 6 months. So far, patrons have been able to enjoy New Orleans flair, a tiki and a mezcal-oriented bar, a 70s après-ski chalet theme, and now Washi, a Japanese-inspired concept reminiscent of the 1980s Bubble Era Tokyo.


This aptly named pocket-sized bar is best enjoyed on a date, its great music, awesome team and cozy atmosphere creating a unique and intimate vibe that favors long conversations. But while the quirky small setting and catchy concepts are what might first lure you in, the intricate craft cocktails, knowledgeable staff, and delicious bites are what will make you stay the entire evening in this new home-away-from-home.


Surprising and unique, the expertly crafted cocktail menu will make you want to sample a bit of everything. Trust your friendly bartenders’ advice and opt for the signature Dragonfly, an delicate mix of Lillet Blanc, orange yuzu, brown butter, and Junmai sake, or the Grasshopper, a Monkey 47 Gin, matcha, green apple, Fino sherry, and lemon flavor-packed cocktail. Looking for something a little sweeter? Enjoy the Unicorn, a fun and delicious mix of Monkey 47 Gin, cognac, clarified Hokkaido milk, strawberry, and Earl Grey. You can do no wrong trying out this youthful yet refined menu of origami-inspired cocktails; so let yourself be tempted by the unusual flavor pairings and relax for the night. Thanks to its new and bigger location, the food menu has expanded as well, featuring swoon-worthy bites such as  a yummy roast pumpkin hummus and their famous French dip Banh Mi.


From its cool decor and Instagram-able drinks and garnishes to the cozy yet lively ambience and great staff, the Junior The Pocket Bar is one of those amazing gems that you would like to keep a secret but can’t wait to brag about to your friends. Be sure to book in advance or try your luck early, as half of the capacity is always reserved for walk-in guests.