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Feb 20, 2020

Origin Bar celebrates the story of Singapore with locally inspired cocktails that take us around the city’s iconic neighborhoods

Set inside the Shangri-La Hotel, this vintage inspired hotel bar is one of the best cocktail bars in Singapore. Here, a young team of passionate mixologists handcrafts singular cocktails designed to reflect the city’s landmark locations. They are headed by Slovakian-born Adam Bursik, whose   passion for the island’s history and months of extensive research inspired these unique recipes.

Origin Bar’s beautiful colonial architecture and art deco-inspired design are evocative of old-school train travel. The high ceiling arches give the space a sculptural, old-world feel, accentuated by the elegant teal walls and custom wood floors. Colonial chic rattan lounges, retro chairs and elegant leather accents complete the vintage theme, and the dim lighting and subdued atmosphere make us feel right at home.

The cocktail menu expands on the travel theme. Twenty cocktails take us on a journey through the five key districts on the island: Orchard, Chinatown, Little India, Boat Quay and Marina Bay, telling their story through carefully selected ingredients. Before becoming Singapore’s famous high-end shopping district, Orchard, home to the Shangri-La, was once covered with fruit gardens, nutmeg plantations, and pepper farms. This gets translated into refreshing and fruity drinks such as Origin, the bar’s namesake cocktail, incorporating gin, nutmeg, pepper, charred pineapple, and wine made from lime husks. Another example is Miss Joaquim, named after the island’s national flower and made with orchid, rambutan, pomegranate, sherry and vodka. Singapore’s historical trade hub Boat Quay is represented by Buona Vista, which is where the first Italian immigrants settled. Staying true to its Italian roots, it blends a Campari base with coffee foam, figs and distilled hazelnut chocolate. Finally, one of our favorite signatures is the SSSLINGER, with Monkey 47 gin, dry curaçao, cherry liqueur, cherry juice, D.O.M Benedictine, fresh pineapple juice, fresh kaffir lime juice, Earl Grey tea, and full cream milk.

The delicious drinks are accompanied by excellent sliders served in the early evenings, and live music performances on the weekends.