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The Single Cask


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May 11, 2018

Within a gorgeous setting in a serene part of Singapore, The Single Cask is the city’s best whisky bar, perfect for aficionados and first-timers alike.

Hidden within the walls of historic Caldwell House in Singapore, The Single Cask is the city’s leading destination for all things whisky. One part bar, one part educator, The Single Cask puts its focus on shining the spotlight on independent bottlers and lesser-known distilleries, with magnificent results. 

The fantastic experience at The Single Cask begins before you even get the faintest whiff of whisky. Caldwell House is a gorgeous building, the oldest edifice inside the historic CHIJMES complex, a sprawling colonial-era gem full of lush greens, marble, church steeples, waterfalls, and graceful courtyards. Yes, it is a setting befit the grandest spirit of them all, whisky, and The Single Cask provides plenty of it.  At last count, the bar stocks well over three hundred single malts (in addition to a quality collection of blended malts and single cask rums) and is the first officially accredited Whisky Ambassador in Singapore.

This certification means that the staff has been certified as absolute authorities on whisky, and gladly use this knowledge to guide all guests through the process of selecting just the right whisky for them. Yes, whether you want to stay in your comfort zone or be a little adventurous with one of their boutique bottles, The Single Cask will set you straight, and put a glass of fine whisky in your hand.   
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