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The Other Room
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Feb 27, 2019

Hidden from out of sight in Singapore’s Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel, The Other Room is a one of a kind drinking hole that’s only open to those in the know. Patrons enjoy serious VIP treatment, an extensive fifty-page menu to select from and a truly unique food and drink experience every time they visit. Ring the discreet wall-mounted doorbell, pull back the plush, velveteen curtain and step into a world of whiskey and wonder.

It’s said that no two visits to The Other Room will ever be the same, thanks to founder and visionary Dario Knox’s thirst for constant innovation and experimentation. Yet we can guarantee that you’ll want to experience this luscious venue’s luxurious star treatment time and time again.

As you’re greeted by your host with a kick-off cocktail, a side order of water and the warmest of welcomes, you can’t help but take in the heady opulence and elegance in the air. This small, but perfectly formed, 700 square foot bar radiates class and exclusivity. Think thick, black marble bar with rich golden lighting, smoky trompe l’oeil mirrors and a glorious brass Boston cocktail shaker centre-piece that has serious wow factor.

Drinking at The Other Room is unlike anywhere else in Singapore. Knox deploys now world-famous cask-finishing techniques pioneered by Scottish distiller David Stewart in 1983, to hand finish the patrons’ favourite spirits on the premises. The finished products are unique, custom-made mixed drinks unlike those served anywhere else. With 300 exceptional hand-crafted drinks to choose from, the only difficulty will be which exciting journey you take through the fifty-page menu. Choose from sub-categories barrel-aged, the solera system, decadent post-prohibitions and more.



With the menu constantly evolving under Knox’s brilliance, we can’t guarantee that our tried and tested favourite will be around on your visit, but we can attest that your visit will be an absolute delight from start to finish. Our favourite from the post-prohibitions menu was the bloody grail, a sour and salty extravaganza for the senses.

If you like what you hear (and why wouldn’t you?), step into the deliciously dark, ambient Other Room, join the rest of the Singapore glitterati and let the pleasure begin.