The Happy Pig


4.3 / 5 2 / 5

May 11, 2018

Home to a rotating menu of scintillating seasonal food and drinks, The Happy Pig has become the highlight of many a cocktail lover's trip to Sofia.

A hip restaurant-cum-cocktail bar in the heart of bustling Sofia, The Happy Pig is home to both an incredibly inventive international food menu and creative cocktail card, more than deserving of its reputation as one of the best spots in Bulgaria’s capital. Truly like nothing else in the city, The Happy Pig starts its separation from the crowd the moment you enter the door. The Pig – as it’s affectionately known to regular patrons – is a colorful and modern space, home to an atrium-esque greenhouse dining area, complete with glass ceiling, refreshing rays of natural light, and bold artwork. The back wall is covered in chalkboard-style paint, playfully adorned with sketches of food and drink. Directly outside, you will find a large sunny terrace filled with white chairs, umbrellas, and dangling fairy lights, which fills to brim when the Bulgarian weather turns balmy. While the atmosphere and design of the Happy Pig is truly beguiling, it’s the food and drink that you came for, and you will be pleasantly surprised by the plates and glasses presented. Surprised, because the menu is of the rotating variety – changed almost daily – and usually consisting of only a few handpicked seasonally-influenced dishes. The same flair for the creative and seasonal carries over to the cocktails as they are expertly shaken and presented in the most gorgeous glassware like mason jars and vintage goblets. The house bloody mary is a beautiful crimson, served with spicy peppers, and covered in brown wax paper with a straw plunged through it, while the smoky margarita will whisk you away to Mexico. Other concoctions include bourbon blended with the sweetness of figs and a fun and fruity cocktail featuring Rakia, the local liquor.