Split-City Centre

2 / 5

May 11, 2018

A small taverna on the seat front of split, Croatia- F’Caffee is a small and beautiful place serving great coffee and fresh pizzas!

Sitting in a prime and very busy location right beside the port, its hard not to walk on by   F’Caffe considering it is one of the neighbourhood’s biggest coffee joints. White walls bring out the place in a bright and inviting manor, and although it has that ‘small taverna’ feel, it can get quite packed! F’Caffe is known for its brilliant coffee in particular their cappuccinos. They do also have a small wine selection as well as mixing up some tasty cocktails that might refresh those stepping off a long boat cruse! There is a big selection of wicker bound chairs in an outside terrace to choose from or you could dine inside surrounded by their plant-entwined columns. When it comes to food F’caffe are somewhat experts in pizza and we recommend the four cheeses! They also do a cracking traditional meal of lamb chops that shouldn’t go unmentioned. While they have a great menu of pastas, meats and freshly caught fish, they also have several vegetarian options, and we love their vegetable lasagne! We cant think of a better place to have a small lunch or quick drink especially with the picturesque seafront views.