Nikki Beach
    City-Center, St Tropez

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    4475 52596

    After the huge success of the "St. Tropez-style" Nikki Beach in Miami, it seemed only natural to open one in the motherland - and they have with stunning effect. Saint-Trop is undergoing something of a revival, with zillionaires heading there once again in their private yachts, helicopters and planes, making it Europe's hottest destination this year. And they all seem to be heading to Nikki Beach - take Prince Albert of Monaco, George Michael, Bono and Trump for starters. This is a luxurious, fun, happening beach club and you don't have to be a 'name' to get in - just the right 'spirit' according to the owners...good luck. And don't miss Apero O'Clock every Friday at the Nikki Beach Bar !

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