Ling Long


4.1 / 5 3 / 5

May 11, 2018

Home to playful mixes of Eastern and Western flavors, Ling Long is leading the way in Stockholm with their innovative, imagination-bending cocktails.

A spicy taste of the East in the the center of Stockholm, since Ling Long has quickly become a leader in both the culinary and cocktail scenes of this stylish Swedish city. With a delectable dinner menu featuring some of the best Asian flavors mixed masterfully with Nordic influences, Ling Long delights all who dine within its weathered and palm-adorned walls. All dishes are served artfully and the cocktails that accompany them are no different in their construction, blending the flavors of the Orient and Occident with panache and precision. The head of the bar at Ling Long, who is more than accomplished on the international stage, has put together a truly special cocktail menu mixing daring ingredients in never-before-seen ways to produce several winning combinations. Case in point is the Double Ducked, constructed with smoked duck fat washed vodka (yes, you read that correctly), jasmine-flavored Japanese spirit shochu, lemon, sugar, and frothy egg white. The result is creamy, savory, and sweet, sending your taste buds spinning in different directions. Other globe-spanning cocktails are the Julab – tequila, eucalyptus and bitter chocolate – and the playfully named Tyred of ‘Tinis – ultra premium Swedish vodka and 9 year vermouth flavored with the tart East Asian fruit yuzu.