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May 11, 2018

A seriously impressive opium style den, Parmarium has become one of Stockholm’s favourites. The bar based in Sweden is a perfect bar to take a date, where their impressive drink concoctions wont let you down.

Who wouldn’t love a cocktail in the quaint and romantic Gamla Stan? Cobbled streets, lantern lights and of course tucked away is Pharmarium. Ever wondered what you would get if you mixed an 18th century apothecary building with a Victorian opium den? Well, Pharmarium seems to answer that question well. 

Take a look inside their leather bound menus and you’ll come across some pretty quirky cocktails. With names like ‘cloud nine’ and ‘opium’, you can expect some exotic tastes. Try their exclusive whiskey cocktail that comes inside a sealed jar, which when opened releases a plume of birch smoke (serious conversation starter!) We also recommend the bourbon drink ‘ravens nest’, which we have heard is a favourite! The Dream Catcher cocktail which contains Gin, Lillet Blac, cucumber and rose cordial combined with house bitters is also a cocktail rated high on our list!

Food wise; go for some Vietnamese pulled pork coated in hazelnut sauce with charcuterie, rare cooked sweetbread & snails with bone marrow. Or if you are after a light snack opt for the Lobster tacos! 
Situated opposite the Nobel Museum, the bar has a neat outdoor seating area, while inside the dark wooded bar area, there are many couched nooks that fill up fast, as they make a perfect romantic tête-à-tête.

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