Kon Tiki

Kon Tiki


2 / 5

May 11, 2018

Eclectic decor, amazing happy hour specials, fruity cocktails and enthusiastic bar staff await at Kon Tiki Swansea - a fun tiki bar hangout open all week.

Don’t be at all surprised if you leave Kon Tiki wearing a flower lei. They’re everywhere – the bartenders wear them, they’re strung up behind the bar (along with an assortment of colourful tiki glasses, ornaments and a stuffed version of Nemo) and, more often than not, you too could end up festooned with one on a regular Tuesday night. But ultimately, that is the character of Kon Tiki, a lively tiki bar in a corner of Swansea that proudly announces itself with a collage of colourful graffiti on its exterior. The interior decor of Kon Tiki is as eclectic as its tiki glass collection, but all with a nod to the South Pacific. There’s a stone moai head inspired by Easter Island, green bamboo wallpaper, and even the DJ booth has a grass roof. So of course the drinks have to follow suit. The range of fruity cocktails are poured with flair by a team of enthusiastic bar staff, sometimes set alight and always garnished with, at the very least, a shining red cherry (if not a curly straw, umbrella and fruit wedge). There’s also colourful shooters, and regular drinks specials, as well as cocktail-making lessons for mixologist-wannabes. At the weekends, Kon Tiki lends itself to more of a laidback club vibe, with a DJ music soundtrack and small cover charge.

Photo credit: https://www.facebook.com/KonTikiSwansea/photos