Arcadia Liquors


Arcadia Liquors


  • Hipster
  • Wine
4.5 / 5 1 / 5

May 11, 2018

A friendly and unique bar in Redferns, Sydney, Arcadia Liquors shows off its low prices and twinkly lit garden terrace.

Redferns favourite cosy bar, Arcadia Liquors is the place to go for the ideal quiet evening of drinking. Dynamic and welcoming, Arcadia is working its way onto the top bar scene.

Imagine, fairy lights twinkling around you on a gorgeous wooden garden terrace, protected from the elements as you look up at the setting sun, surrounded by green shrubs and plants… that’s what you will be experiencing at Arcadia but the only difference is you will have a cool drink in your hands too! One of the key aspects here is definitely the garden decking where, not only can you enjoy the Sydney sun but pets are welcome too.

Drink wisely- Arcadia has some strong whiskeys, lower priced wines and stating the obvious – Liquors. This isn’t your usual cocktail bar, but there are some on the well thought out menu. Now, the food menu is very reasonable- and their toasties are a highly talked of thing around the neighbourhood.

The bar has a friendly atmosphere all day and a uniquely ‘hipster’ feel to it. If you fancy a chilled out drink, then you need look no further than Arcadia Liquors…
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