Ash St Cellars

Ash St Cellars


May 11, 2018

Ash St Cellars in Sydney is the perfect get away from the manic streets and hot sun. The Parisian cosy bar is ideal for a quiet dine and wine.

Tucked away behind IVY club, Ash St Cellars is the perfect get away from the bustling streets and heavy crowds.

Ash St Cellars has a warm Parisian theme emphasised by the oversized chandeliers hanging above as you take a seat in classic café chairs, next to faux marble round tables. This bar is a European mix of French, Italian and Spanish dishes that all influence the ambiance of the place.

The wine menu is particularly strong, well-thought and thoroughly picked by head chef Zac Ahrens. The wines come from many regions and will suit the most-keen wine lover’s pallet. We have been told that the Sherrie they serve up here is particularly good so grab a flute while you wait for your meal!

The food menu is short and to the point, a mix of cultures all blended together create this beautiful tapas menu. Be sure to try the divine kingfish ceviche which is infused with jalapenos and lime, creating a unique taste. For desert the ‘tart of the day’ will not be regretted and each day this changes.

The bar is open for a big full-breakfast at 8.30AM each morning. We would recommend giving the breakfast here a try, and the relaxed and pleasant atmosphere is sure to put you in a great mood for the day! Credit Photo: