Great food

Dead Ringer


4.5 / 5 0 / 5

May 11, 2018

Laidback yet classy, Dead Ringer is a bar-restaurant serving up cocktails, craft beers, local wines and beautifully-presented food in Sydney’s Surry Hills.

From the outside, Dead Ringer emits class. When you first clap eyes on the sunny streetside terrace at the front of the charcoal French-style building (with its tiled floor and leafy wooden planters), you’ll likely assume that you’ve found your ideal spot. But venture inside, and the bar/restaurant is just as sleek – exposed rafters, high-top tables and glowing bulbs – leaving you only to assume that you’re in for an all-round treat. And what a treat the menu is. Not so big as to be overwhelming and yet still filled with quality libations, Dead Ringer have rounded up some stunningly-simple cocktails that can change with the seasons. A few of our favorite examples are the Four Grape Slurpee (brandy, pickled grapes and dessert wine), Obligatory (aged tequila, cold drip coffee and maple) and the Yuzu Breezer (rum, yuzu and soda). Dead Ringer’s beers are a local bunch, mainly craft ales and pilsners, along with at least one cider and perry, while the wine selection leans heavily towards grapes from Victoria. As you would expect from a venue this elegant – and one located in Sydney’s up-and-coming Surry Hills neighbourhood – the food at Dead Ringer is locally-sourced and, oftentimes, organic. Dishes range from fresh fish like barramundi and sardines to black angus sirloin and lamb ribs that are all beautifully presented. Small plates, like the creamed almonds with dried grapes and toast, make for the perfect accompaniment to a drink or two, inside or out. Photo credit