Eau de Vie
    City-Center, Sydney

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    While decent drinks are all well and good, a necessary element of any bar worth its salt is decent service. Darlinghurst's Eau de Vie delivers both, with aplomb. Whether you've come looking for rare spirits (displayed in glass lockers) or boutique beers, this charming, speakeasy-style bar has got it. And their cocktails don't just hit the mark, they knock it flying if you don't believe us, try the Connect Four, a mix of Don Julio Blanco and Campari with mandarin, coconut and a spot of yuzu, finished with a flash of lemon oils and star anise yowza! Or splurge on the $32 Golden Century Martinez; inspired by Sydney's long-standing Cantonese restaurant, the mix includes Peking duck-infused gin, house-made almond syrup, a maraschino cherry, sweet vermouth, whisky and Sriracha Bitters. Oh, yes. Owner Sven Almenning's love of all things liquid at Eau de Vie (a French expression that translates to 'the water of life') extends to the d├ęcor: the bar is stuffed with vintage cocktail-making paraphernalia, including a shaker shaped like a woman's leg. And where do we start with the food? From the ultra-gourmet EDV club sandwich to the mouth-watering charcuterie platters and exotic smoked wagu tongue, there's a nibble for all palates. What makes this place particularly memorable, though, is the charismatic, knowledgeable service. The bartenders here give the impression that they really care (as much as others try, few manage to make us feel this special), an attitude that we can't help but admire.

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