Grandma's Bar
    City-Center, Sydney

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    It's not exactly the kind of place your nan would come to celebrate with the girls after a bingo win, but she might be pleasantly surprised if she dropped by. The fun begins in finding the place Grandma's is located underneath a guitar shop with no obvious signage look for the giant deer's head on the wall, and follow the set of AstroTurfed stairs down to the bar. As any regular will attest, Grandma's, which opened its doors in 2011, has a suitably magical quality. An ode to kitsch, the basement bar is furnished in retro-glamorous trinkets which creates a warm, quirky ambience seldom found in the inner city. While there's a small selection of beer and wine (and one cider) on offer, the groaning wall of rum behind the bar spells out Grandma's raison d'etre: cocktails. While most of the boozy concoctions are indeed rum-based, there's also a few tequila-based treats (try their homemade Ting, a tequila-based grapefruit soda), and a roster of ever-changing surprises. Harking back to childhood family gatherings, a sparkling glass punch bowl takes pride of place on the bar. Its content change regularly summer spells fruity fizz, while in winter the bartenders (known as the 'grandchildren') ladle out glogg (mulled wine) and, if you're lucky, hot buttered rum. Unfortunately, seating is scarce at Grandma's, so prepared to stand, as this place is always buzzing. Swing by early on a weeknight to better your chances of snagging a set. With any luck, you'll get the bartender to yourself, too.

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