Lobo Plantation
    City-Center, Sydney

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    Lobo Plantation is a new basement bar in the CBD which specialises in all things rum, Inside you'll find a space bedecked with rattan lamps and bentwood bar stools, a small subterranean patch of the Caribbean, sun faded, time-worn. There are Chesterfield loungers and jewel-green walls, Graham Greene and Ian Fleming would feel right at home as will you. Named after Cuban sugar baron Julio Lobo, the place is a shrine to the rum bottle. They stock a huge array, some familiar, some much more exotic labels. The cocktail list is a good place to start. Lobo's signature drink is a Short and Stout, made with rum (of course), Campari and chocolate porter reduction. The zingy Message in a Bottle blends white rum with blueberry-infused sherry, grapefruit and lime, while the Plan-Ting is a mix of rum with the popular Jamaican soft drink, Ting, along with lime and grapes a true flavour of the Caribbean. Drinks are served in lovely vintage glassware and there's also a selection of French wine available if you're not a rum nut, as well as some Latin beers. Complimentary banana chips are offered with your drink and the menu of Central American dishes is also well worth dipping into. Think tamales stuffed with polenta and pulled pork, slow braised beef and chorizo meatballs and baked cheese balls with guava sauce. The place is already pretty popular and it's best to rock by earlier in the week if you want to score a table, Exect a queue on weekends, and the crowds to match but the bar has a brilliant buzz about it and is definitely worth the wait.

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