Maybe Frank


Maybe Frank


4.5 / 5 1 / 5

May 11, 2018

Maybe Frank in Sydney is a small quiet pizzeria and cocktail bar. Their fresh and crisp pizzas are amazing as well as their exotic and famous cocktails.

Maybe Frank is Surreyhills best pizzeria and cocktail bar. The dark sultry decor sets off a chilled out mood ready for customers to take a seat and enjoy their night. Black walls and ceilings usually come off very gloomy and claustrophobic, however Maybe Frank has managed to pull it off in a seductive and cosy way. The simplicity of the place makes it such a relaxed and welcoming bar to chill out in. A glass facade sits in the centre enticing eyes over to the bar. A pizzeria is exactly what Maybe Frank’s is. With 23 fresh pizzas to choose from it makes ordering a normal late night take away seem so boring. All pizzas are cooked freshly in house, with the chef setting the dough 24 hours in advance for fermentation. This helps create soft and delicious pizzas. We would also like to mention their pesto lasagne which is just so tasty! Their cocktails are somewhat specialities especially when the chef describes their most famous cocktail as ‘a kiss from the most beautiful lady on earth’… Is he kidding? We don’t think so- it is an awesome drink- tasting light and fruity, a blend of cocchi, tequila and sherry and some more secret ingredients. Don’t believe us! Try it. Other cocktail blends include drinks like fernet branco, agave syrup, lemon mint and ale.