Mrs Sippy

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Mrs Sippy


3.8 / 5 2 / 5

May 11, 2018

A bright, fun, and refreshing spot in Sydney's Double Bay, going to Mrs Sippy feels like getting away from it all for the day.

A sunny bar and cafe in Sydney’s Double Bay, Mrs Sippy impresses with its colorful decor, breezy atmosphere, and sensational food and drink menu. Double Bay may not have been regarded as one of Sydney’s most happening spots before Mrs Sippy came to town, but she has done a ton to change that reputation. Making you feel like you are on holiday the moment you enter, Mrs Sippy’s walls are splashed with geometric shapes in a kaleidoscope of colors, feeling one part street art and one part ‘80s Miami Vice homage, and all parts fun. Combine the walls with the open-air roof and courtyard complete with fairy lights and palms, and Mrs Sippy truly takes you away from Double Bay. The kitchen at Mrs Sippy serves us sizzling modern bar bites (think soft shell crab sliders, burrata with green tomato relish, and a slow-roasted stuffed pork belly), but we come for the cocktails, and never leave disappointed. No, they all keep with the theme of the venue, with the Watermelon Pisco Punch (pisco, fresh-pressed watermelon, and lime), the Woodpecker (coconut tequila, mezcal, pineapple syrup, lime, with a cinnamon sugar rim) and the Birds of Paradise (premium vodka, Italian aperitif, fresh-pressed summer juice, lime, and ginger) being a few of our refreshing favourites. In addition, a full repertoire of beer (local craft and international) and an impressive wine list are also on offer. Open early for lunch and pouring until midnight, DJs round out most evenings, turning the temperature up and making Mrs Sippy a true nightlife triple threat. Credit Photo: