Small Bar

Small Bar


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May 11, 2018

Located in the heart of bustling Sydney, Small Bar is a tiny escape from the frenetic pace of the city, one stocked with fine wines and fantastic food.

As the name would suggest, Small Bar is not a large venue. No, they weren’t kidding when they picked a name, but what Small Bar lacks in size, it surely makes up for in warm authentic atmosphere, drinks, and delicious home cooked food. 

Located in the center of Sydney, stepping into Small Bar feels like strolling into the cozy home of a friend. From the cellar space adorned with fairy lights and brick walls to the main floors with walls covered with candlelight and curiosities, Small Bar is above all, a laid back space. Yes, this is the type of bar where people come to relax after a day at the office or sightseeing, choosing to linger over a bottle of wine, not spend the evening shouting over each other and a DJ. 

A typical evening at Small Bar starts with dinner, as the menu is packed with fun home-cooked favorites like lightly fried barramundi soft tacos, gourmet burgers served with waffle fries, a grilled halloumi salad, and guacamole. Next, it’s time to focus on the fruit of the vine, as Small Bar’s wine selection is full of plenty of award-winning Australian varieties ranging from crisp and sparkling whites to big and bold reds. Things stay lively late at Small Bar, but never too boisterous for the space, and that has become part of the true magic of the place. Credit Photo: