The Anchor

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The Anchor


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May 11, 2018

Bondi Beach in Sydney is lucky to have this little treasure. The Anchor is warm and welcoming and supplies you with a pretty cool nautical theme.

 The Anchor bar is just up the hill from Bondi Beach. The nautical themed bar is a haven for a good drink and some good old bar food.

As you enter the Anchor you just may feel like your boarding a pirate ship. Dark wooden decking and wall posts help to give this place a sultry seafaring atmosphere. All the wood used in this bar however is made from recycled materials- environmentally friendly yey! There are little quirks around the bar that you’ll notice, which really set the pirate scene, such as, a fluffy (toy) parrot hanging from a perch, little figurines, some wall quotes and even a giant portrait of a pirate Jesus. 

The food menu ranges from classic pub food to sustainable seafood. The bar works closely with JOTO fresh fish, and serve up a mean barramundi in coconut curry sauce. Just because you’re on Bondi beach doesn’t mean you have to go full out on a classy dinner- and classic pies and chips are very acceptable here. 

The cocktail menu is divided into four sections which are agave, sugarcane, grain and grapes. The cocktail that we recommend you try is a Coconut Margarita which is better than any Pina-Colada you’ve ever had (trust us!). If you’re not the cocktail type, their beer imports are something to try especially if you ask for a ‘tajin’ which means they put chilli salt on top of your beer! Credit Photo: