The Midnight Special

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The Midnight Special


4.4 / 5 2 / 5

May 11, 2018

Small and cosy dive bar The Midnight Special is one of Newtown, Sydney’s favourites. Literally bursting with good aspects, this bar is not somewhere you want to miss…

Dark moody lighting creates the perfect seductive atmosphere at the Midnight Special. The relatively new rock/ blues bar on Enmore Road arrived for a good time and it is doing just that.

Now with this bar, there are a lot of key features that we should mention. Obviously there is the pretty awesome decor that consists of wooden-panelled walls, black and white chequered flooring, quaint fairy lights and comfy leather booths. All of which may seem pretty standard among a dive style bar but something about the details like the crinkled dollar bills stuck on the bar give a unique feel…

Perhaps it’s the buzzing atmosphere. The Midnight Special has some unique quirks that nowhere else have considered yet. Vinyl. The owner of this bar decided that vinyl needs to be brought back ‘big time’ and she was right! Typically, rock/ blues music is blasted out here, but some nights the decks are passed over to friends where you can finally find use for those dusty records sitting in your attic. You can bring in your records and give DJ-ing a go! 

The Midnight Special ticks the list for awesome dive decor, energetic vibes and also, damn good food! This isn’t the average 3 course meal type of bar as they serve up some mean bar food! Their main serving is hot dogs. Veggies don’t panic they do a ‘not dog’ too! Make sure you smother that hot dog in their jalapeño sauce for extra tasty flavour. 

We saved the best till last with their drinks. Now we have to mention their whiskey sours or we would have completely overlooked their best drink. Honestly try one and you’ll be ordering another before your glass is even empty. They also have over 7 different local Australian beers as well as some New Zealand and French wine and other imports from around the globe. Their signature cocktails include the fireball whiskey and the Hurricane (rum, passion fruit syrup and lemon) which is a must try. 

The bar may not seem much from the outside but seriously, if you are in the area you have to track it down because it is a bar that will gain a spot in your favourite list. Credit Photo: