The Wild Rover


May 11, 2018

The Wild Rover is a quirky Irish-themed venture from the guys behind the popular Grandma's. The new space is bigger and roomier than that place...

The Wild Rover is a quirky Irish-themed venture from the guys behind the popular Grandma’s. The new space is bigger and roomier than that place, the seating spread over two levels. Housed in an old garment warehouse, the original façade has been left as it is, including the faded signage for ‘Gestetner’s Surry Hills Shirt Warehouse.’ It’s an atmospheric space, gritty and rough around the edges but not without style. Downstairs you’ll find an abundance of plush booths in which to sit and sip your drink along with jungle-themed wallpaper and the obligatory exposed brick walls. Striking retro candy-striped lamps give the place a cosy glow. Upstairs, there’s a smaller but no less inviting space with bright red booth seating. The cocktails are well made and incredibly reasonable in price (something of which we always approve) try the Widow’s Kiss, a potent mix of yellow Chartreuse, Dom Benedictine, apple brandy and bitters. The Hell’s Kitchen Martini is a smooth combination of whisky and peach, while the Vieux Carré is a heady blend of cognac, rye whisky, sweet vermouth and Dom Benedictine splashed with Angostura and Peychaud’s bitters. If cocktails aren’t your thing, they also stock a good range of beer, both bottled and on tap, along with a goodly amount of the black stuff, in keeping with the Irish theme.

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