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The Wine Library


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May 11, 2018

Home to over 500 bottles of vino, Wine Library is the place to go in Sydney to sample and savor wine in an ultra cool modern setting.

As the name would suggest, Wine Library takes more than just a passing interest into a particular beverage that is the end result of grapes growing on vines. No, wine is their unabashed passion here, and at last count, Wine Library stocked over 500 bottles of wine from all over the world in their Sydney bar. 

While the word ‘library’ may have you conjuring up visions of cobwebbed walls made of corks and shelves laden with dusty books full of old notes about vintages, the Wine Library is nothing of the sort, instead choosing an edgy, modern decor. The venue’s sleek front window is simply adorned with the words “Wine Library” in a hip ‘8 Bit’ video game-style font, and inside the walls are covered in industrial metal fittings with wine bottle shapes cut out of them and bathed in sexy soft light. 

It goes without saying that we can’t list all their wines here, but rest assured there is something for absolutely everyone, from experts to first-time sippers. This is the result of their house wine expert painstakingly choosing labels from all over the globe (with a particular focus on short-run labels from Italy and France). You’ll find plenty of wine that has gotten its flavor from the Australian sun and soil as well, and wherever possible, there’s also a focus on cultivating wine from small, organic, family run vineyards, too.