4.5 / 5 3 / 5

May 11, 2018

Rock ‘n’ roll bar Vasco is a shrine to rock lovers while enjoying good food. Italian creators have outdone themselves with the excellent food selection and upbeat atmosphere.

Vasco, the Italian mega rock bar is a blend of all things great. Paying tribute to rock star Vasco Rossi- the bar generates a feel-good vibe and supplies numerous good drinks. Inside the bar is like walking back into the 80’s. The place is literally a shrine to rock gods throughout time, with the walls decked out in huge posters and images. Red fendi steel stools are all tucked away beneath the metal tables and the open aisle leads straight to the bar. Red chillies hang over head among the ceiling decor and you may notice the mini jukebox hiding down at the front with the drum kit. Everything about the bar screams ‘rock’n’roll’ from the cymbal lampshades to the melted record bowls. The atmosphere is awesome; friendly and energetic and although you might suspect a tough crowd in a rock bar- but it is very welcoming. 

The drinks are made by the boisterous bar tenders, who will tell a joke or two to get you laughing the night away. As you can image- their favourite drink to dish up is the famous Italian negroni. However, their speciality is a drink named ‘Sink the Pink’ (which is a classic twist of the AC/DC track) which consists of Italian favourites. We would recommend visiting during happy hour between 5-7 and grabbing a ‘lady killer’ which is a blend of flavours with vodka, fresh lemon and lime, raspberry, peach and apple liquor.  Food wise, we suggest you try the absolutely mouth-watering gorgonzola with a side of polenta chips. Their menu is very appetising and contains some classic Italian specials. Tuesday is lasagne night, so make sure you’re around then too! It’s safe to say they love their food as much as they love their 80’s rock idol. Make sure you check out the back garden which is an AstroTurf yard perfect in the hot weather.