Your Ex-Lovers


Your Ex-Lovers


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May 11, 2018

The jury's still out on that name. There's a line between quirky and turn-off and this might be it...

The jury’s still out on that name. There’s a line between quirky and turn-off and this might be it. It doesn’t really scream date place. And yet Your Ex Lovers is all kinds of fun. Specialising in ‘art and wine,’ this idiosyncratic Redfern space boasts one bold blue wall which has been hung with work by local artists, all kinds of stuff sketches, graphic art, portraits including some quite striking pieces, and all available to buy, with prices starting at just $50. The room is peppered with fresh flowers and various curios; there’s also an array of hardback books strewn about the place, not just a design gimmick rather you get the impression someone has read and loved them and wants to share. The furniture is similarly eclectic, the chairs mismatched, with old carafes doubling as candle holders; there’s even a fireplace. We do like a fireplace. The wine-list is well worth exploring, full of interesting options as well as some well-priced fizz, and there are promises to beef up the beer offerings to include more than a few forlorn cans of Coors. Their ‘champagne’ slushy is wrong but also right, if you know what we mean.