East End


  • Whisky
  • Great food
4.4 / 5 3 / 5

May 11, 2018

A slick modern decor comes together seamlessly with a scintillating roster of cocktails at East End in Taipei, one of the hottest bars in the city.

Home to a roster full of cocktails whose flavors are inspired by the seasons and a ravishing modern design, one trip is all it takes to be enlightened on why East End has been skyrocketing its way toward the top of the Taipei bar rankings. There is much to discuss about the stunning tipples being poured, but the industrial-yet-glamorous feel of East End’s design simply must be mentioned first. Perched in an elevated locale in the posh Proverbs Hotel, the slick space features glass walls that look out to the dazzling city on one side and a facade full of intricately-sculpted grey tiles on the other, with wooden tiles on both the tabletops and floors below adding warmth to the room.
It’s all very 21st Century Instagram-ready on the decor front, and the drinks that are poured (that is why you are here, right?) follow suit. Many have been borne from consultations with one of the world’s finest mixologists (Japan’s Hidetsugu Ueno, but not that they’re name-dropping), with all either possessing a seasonal twist or a timeless cocktail craftsmanship touch. A few examples of their brilliant work are the smoky Hunter’s Feast (duck fat-washed bourbon, premium rested tequila, sugar, standard bitters, and walnut bitters), the decadent Brown Derby (whiskey, Italian aperitif, lemon juice, and balsamic vinegar), and the creamy India Milk Tea (premium dark rum, masala tea mix, and homemade chocolate whipped cream).