Night Out


Tel Aviv-City-Center

2 / 5

May 11, 2018

The standard bearer for cocktail bars in Tel Aviv, a special mix of world class staff, creative cocktails, and jovial atmosphere has made 223 number one.

Opened by one of the world’s most revered bartenders, 223 has been offering up world class cocktails and fantastic food ever since, becoming a full-fledged Tel Aviv folk legend along the way.

The backstory behind 223 goes a little something like this: champion bartender meets city that needs drinks done right, one thing leads to another, and soon a brand new venue is on the way. Born in 2008, 223 entered the Tel Aviv cocktail scene to praise, and the accolades haven’t stopped since that day. Today, as on its founding day, the bar is a jovial and fancy-free place where the staff love to have fun, but take their cocktails very seriously. The venue is decked out in a quirky fashion, with pinstriped wallpaper, a wooden-planked bar, and gilded portraits on the wall, with the staff behind the bar garbed in crisp white shirts with black bow ties and/or braces.

While cocktail fashions come and go (as anyone who survived the crush of cosmopolitans in the early noughties knows), 223 has become a rock of stability on the Tel Aviv scene.  Recently, they’ve impressed us with a Spicy Apple Martini (vodka, elderberry, lime, chilli and nutmeg), a Peach Julep (bourbon, peach puree, chilli liqueur, mint, and soda), and a host of Tiki tipples, and we have no doubt they will still be impressing us ten years from now.

Photo credit: https://www.facebook.com/223bar/photos