Tel Aviv-City-Center

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May 11, 2018

A quirky and fun bar in Tel Aviv, Bellboy pushes the creative envelope of drink presentation while maintaining absolute mastery of cocktail craftsmanship.

Brought to you by one of Tel Aviv’s most well-respected cocktail teams, Bellboy at the Berdichevsky Hotel is taking things in eclectic new directions.

It all starts with the setting, as it is as retro as it is ravishing. An intimate space home to velvety seating, vintage tin ceiling, and parquet floors, Bellboy feels like a hidden library or den, and definitely takes one back to the era of speakeasies and secret gin joints. A bar fashioned to bring the Prohibition era rushing back may not be out-of-the-ordinary anymore, but the things Bellboy is doing behind the bar most certainly are.

Serving up high quality and creative cocktails in a jaw-dropping assortment of vessels is their signature, so don’t be surprised if you spend the first couple minutes taking a picture of your drink after it arrives. A real conch shell and a miniature bathtub complete with rubber duck are just two examples. The latter is called the Keep Clean, and it features house violet-flavored vodka and citrus liqueur, apricot brandy, carob syrup, and of course soap, erm boozy foam. If this wasn’t fun enough, a baby carriage (yes, baby carriage) is wheeled through the bar from time to time to offer shots to guests. They say on their website “we don’t care how long it takes us, we’re going somewhere beautiful”, and we’re glad to be going along for the ride.

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