La Capilla

La Capilla


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May 11, 2018

If you go searching for the home town of your favourite Mexican tipple, you’ll soon find yourself in Tequila, a fascinating little pueblo in the heart of the western state of Jalisco, Mexico.

Home to an abundance of distilleries, haciendas and never-ending fields of blue agave, this secluded town is the birthplace of the magnificent, fiery spirit known as tequila. Explore the town and you’ll soon stumble across La Capilla – the oldest bar in town and the perfect pit stop for those with an insatiable thirst.

Though you may find it somewhat basic at first glance, don’t let the simple, sturdy appearance of this tiny bar deceive you. The plywood bar and the plastic tables and chairs may put some visitors off, but if there is one thing that is far from plain at La Capilla, it’s the intoxicating medley of flavours that have been carefully curated over a number of decades. Recipes that have been passed down from Don Javier Delgado Corona, the original owner, to his bartender grandson are widely known to be well worth the pilgrimage. To this day you’ll still find 90-year-old Don Javier behind the bar, serving up his signature drink – the Batanga – a simple yet invigorating mix of tequila, coke, and fresh lime juice poured into a tall glass with a salted rim. What makes this drink- with its otherwise common list of ingredients- truly magical, according to the master cocktail maker, is the big knife he uses to slice the lime and stir before serving.

No frills, down to earth and incredibly friendly, La Capilla is the only place in Tequila to visit when you’re in the mood for a refreshing beverage. With delicious cocktails both masterfully mixed and exquisitely executed, it’s certainly a no brainer.