El Burrito


4.2 / 5 2 / 5

May 11, 2018

Fun and quirky, El Burrito is a restaurant/bar serving up tasty Mexican street food fare along with a range of tequila-based and international cocktails.

If we were to use any phrase to sum up the decor at El Burrito, it would be ‘a cacophony of color’. Colors which would normally be considered clashing (bright pinks, oranges and greens) sit perfectly alongside each other in this fun and friendly Mexican-style restaurant and bar. Eclectic lampshades, cultural Mexican posters and floral upholstered seating all their its part in providing an inviting atmosphere at El Burrito – one which certainly doesn’t take itself too seriously.
Food-wise, El Burrito serves up plenty of Mexican street food fare. Burritos (naturally), fajitas, tacos, nachos, ceviche and flautas are the most popular dishes, while the quesadillas and the tortilla chips with pico de gallo make the perfect light lunch or accompaniment to a few afternoon drinks out on the restaurant’s terrace. As for the cocktails, El Burrito’s menu is extensive, and ranges from classic Mexican recipes to tried-and-true international favorites. There’s at least eleven different types of margarita (including fruity and frozen varieties, a spicy margarita and one made with limoncello) and several different mojitos and daiquiris. But it’s the tequila-based cocktails which have us most excited, including the Mayan Passion (tequila, coffee and orange liqueur and passion fruit) and the Rude Cosmopolitan (tequila, lime, cranberry orange liqueur and orange bitters). There’s also the classic Mexican Paloma (tequila and grapefruit soda), along with plenty of old favorites like mai tais, harvey wallbangers and martinis. El Burrito also serves four different Mexican and Spanish beers (and will gladly whip you up a michelada if you ask for one), along with glasses and jugs of homemade sangria..